Wishes of Gratitude and Love for 2018.

The Gratitude Show remains open until the 27th of January at Platform 1 on Wandsworth Common. For any commission and artwork purchases please contact Ema Mano Epps 

*The next SUNDAY WORKSHOP is on 27th of Jan at 11am - 1pm. The focus is on photography, composition and colour.  Any device can be used in the session.   EMAIL TO RESERVE A PLACE. NO SET FEE, Advised Donation of £5.   E-mail: hi@platform1gallery.com




Gender Fluid; The Wire 'Man'

The wire “man” series is a take on “self”, by artist, fashionista and TV star Lorenna Danaher. Lorenna's sincerity showcases fragility and strength reflecting on different stages of her life.
Above all it is true and brave about the secret struggles, the art of self acceptance and the strength one can master when being strong is the only option.