London at it's best, Platform 1 Gallery is a unique venue set up in the old ladies waiting room on Platform 1 of Wandsworth Common Station. The contemporary artwork and events showcased and created here reflect the world today. The aim is to offer the public a dialogue with international and local artists. Currently hosting

Platform 1 Gallery is a non-profit space, initially started as an art studio in 1998 by a south london group of young artists led by Gregory and Ema Epps. The gallery opened to the public in 2005 funded by Ema. In 2008 Ema co-funded a sister venue, Gallery 106 in Fulham with local artist Dusanka Marsenic.

Over the years Platform 1 has had residents such as international photojournalist Sebastien Meyer, global performer Verica Kovacevska, the band Hot Chip, Painter Rob Bell a co-founder of  Block 336 in Brixton, modern sculptor Katie Cuddon, scandinavian collective ÜBERSPASS and many more. The space has greatly benefitted from the joint upkeep effort from both Nik Jones and the Fulcher brothers. 

Please do get in touch regarding collaborations or if interested in funding our space and programme.